The wide array of flattering new season options expands thanks to the fabulous fall 2012 collection put together by Club Monaco. Sharply tailored pieces with a distinctive preppy touch all combined to reflect the easy Californian style, the looks are sure to appeal to those who want to inject a little refinement into their looks without trying too hard. The sources of inspiration definitely proved fruitful for creating superb combos. These were: “Linda McCartney’s Life in Photographs, Sonia Delaunay’s masterful block prints and the leading men of the Silent Generation.” 

The desire to blend the desire for modern vibes with versatile classics is beautifully reflected throughout the collection with pieces and accents that will not become obsolete as soon as the season will be over. The feminine perspective is still intensely reflected by the multitude of beautiful pleated skirts, fun dresses and a host of other creative details which never fail to deliver that polished vibe we constantly crave. Striped blouses, versatile cardigans, structured blazers, beautiful pea coats or parkas along with several abstract prints are just a few of the pieces that can easily land on the new season must have list.

Contrast and proper layering are equally important for creating the delightful ensembles presented, but maintaining a clean structured line is essential for creating that gorgeous allure that simply exudes confidence and dare we say, glamor. Though neutral heavy, the collection manages to satisfy our cravings for color with gorgeous green, navy, orange or red tones and even a few very subtle color blocks. This way, visual interest is ensured while even the remote possibility of boredom is completely eliminated from the picture.

Aside from the multitude of tailored dress shirts, gorgeous skirts or seductive chocolate colored handbags which are the ultimate expression of style and versatility we must take a closer look at the perspective from which accessories are presented. Most of the time they are meant to add extra contrast to the looks without necessarily becoming the main point of attraction. Gorgeous wedges continue to dazzle while the ankle socks trend makes a quick comeback. Silk scarfs, silhouette enhancing belts, headbands or sunglasses complete the fabulous combos.

Photo courtesy of Club Monaco