The new season is looking fabulous fashion-wise as an array of labels have managed to overboard with their fashion creations. Combining comfort with style is a must this summer especially if you’re talking about day street wear and one of the brands that managed to prove that comfort doesn’t mean boring is L.A based fashion label Clu. The brand aims to accentuate the all-American style through youthful, casual chic ensembles that embrace the concept of comfort.

Clu’s spring 2012 fashion collection is all about the reinterpretation of the classic t-shirt and the result is more than you would expect. Comfy chic ensembles featuring soft, sculptural lines can help give you an enviable everyday style that is timeless and that suits women with various body types and styles. The collection brings variety to the fashion scene as this is the buzzword in fashion in 2012. Variety enables you to maintain a fresh and fabulous look every time so you can always pleasantly surprise your friends with an ever-different style.

If you never considered sweatshorts and sweatpants hot, you will probably change your mind as soon as you take a glimpse at the fab ensembles signed Clu. Paired with a simple top or a color blocking cardigan, the results obtained will be far from ordinary and make heads turn while still maintaining a high dose of comfort which is super important especially during the hot season. If you’re a true girly-girl, you can still maintain a comfy-chic look by turning your attention towards other super stylish elements that have dominated the fashion scene this year, elements such as shorts paired with cardigans and stylish tops, shirt dresses, stylish knits as well as ruched color block dresses.

The label offers an impressive array of gorgeous fashion pieces that have the power to transform your look in an instant and seemingly effortlessly, so browse through each of the designs and pick your new season must have elements that you can mix and match to create an outfit that compliments your unique personality and style perfectly.

To maintain the laid-back style of the collection, Clu designers opted for predominantly nude hues that are timeless and universally flattering. A few touches of color can be observed throughout the collection, in brights and warm tones, which offer the collection the color blocking effect that has caused a stir this season on the runways. Vivacious green, denim blue and pale yellow are the colors that spice up the nude/grey colored collection, so mix and match your favorite items from the collection to achieve a super stylish, laid-back look that will not go by unnoticed!

Photos courtesy of Clu USA