It’s absolutely amazing to observe the constant evolution of fashion as every season new and innovative designs take over and try to mesmerize our peepers, but because sometimes words are meaningless without an example, we’ve decided to put on display the oh-so-fabulous creations for the fall of 2012 signed by Clover Canyon, fashion creations that reveal an amazing juxtaposition of eye catching prints featured on hand cut designs that scream classic-contemporary chicness.

The sky seems to be the limit for Clover Canyon’s design team as every season the brand that aims to infuse their designs with that Californian spirit that says freedom, style and sexiness and every season something new and extraordinary comes up. We’re detecting a bit of Mary Katrantzou-Givenchy mix chicness in the collection that has managed to captured everyone’s attention with the fearless mix of nature and graphic prints, so no wonder that this unique statement style collection has captured so much attention. With a certain baroque-like allure, the designs have the power to mesmerize the public and make traffic stop, and this is a trait that is not easy to create while still maintaining a high dose of sophistication, but the brand’s designers seem to have pulled off the style seemingly effortlessly.

Bravely put together, the gorgeous fashion pieces which are apparently designed, hand cut and sewn between the ‘label’s gates’, are thus a perfect match for the ladies that wish to draw a massive amount of attention, for the honeys that crave attention and love being in the spotlight! The wonderful display of dresses that range from classic cut to fab contemporary asymmetric shapes provide all the essentials to looking fabulous as the majority of the cuts aim to accentuate the waist while still maintaining a high dose of comfort. Stylish skirts paired with perfectly tailored blazers or lightweight textured blouses helped emphasize sophistication and a contemporary sexiness with a touch of edginess brought through the mix of monochromes with statement prints. Because masculine-inspired garments have been causing a stir this year, Clover Canyon’s collection revealed some impressive all-print pant-blazer, shorts/blazer or pants-oversized blouse garments, mixes that will make heads turn. Fabulous is the best word to describe the collection, so take a peek at the gorgeous fashion pieces and tell us if you would wear these ultra sophisticated print outfits.

Photos courtesy of Clover Canyon