The decision on how to make the new season looks updated and fresh is a lot easier when we have a sneak preview of the new season offerings ahead of time. This is particularly true for wardrobe staples like denim which need to be highlighted differently on a regular basis to avoid style ruts. The Closed Denim brand is definitely trying to give us a hand in tackling the new season with an enhanced sense of direction style wise and has already revealed a series of style suggestions for the rainy, cold days.

Unlike many brands which make the jeans absolute focal points, dressing down outfits for a strong casual allure, the label focuses on creating more complex outfits, making the best choices with versatile items and looking put together and confident every single time. From dark washes to leather and sparkle, the brand brings plenty of examples to show that denim is indeed one of the most versatile alternatives for every season.

Classiness with a few retro vibes is the concept beautifully highlighted through lots of versatile options. Trench coats, long cardigans, the ultra popular horizontal stripes pattern along with the beloved denim jacket are fabulous wardrobe additions which can become the starting base of a multitude of gorgeous new season attires. There’s no need to limit yourself to fab new season jeans. Jacket, skirts or capris can work just as well when the weather permits.

Still, the elements that really spice up the looks presented should be neglected. Sequins, faux fur pieces, shiny vibes, shoes that range from timeless and classy to retro and conspicuous or the practical handbags that complete the outfits without becoming an overly strong focal point are all interesting elements which can help you improve your techniques of putting together an outfit and at the same time creating variation without major investments.

Photo courtesy of Closed Denim