Celebrate the beauty of feminine curves by sporting some of the impressive ensembles from the Clements Ribeiro for Evans 'Swan' collection. See the too-hot-to-handle looks below.

The couple behind the oh-so-famous Clements Ribeiro brand decided to collaborate with an A-list clothing retailer company to release a fabulous plus size collection. The Clements Ribeiro for Evans 'Swan' collection is packed with ultrafemme dresses with a tint of vintage glamor and chic tops every girl can sport to casual or semi-formal events. The designer duo revealed to Marie Claire that, “Evans approached us about this time last year. Until then, we were not thinking about plus-sizes, but were instantly fascinated. Clearly, there was a great opportunity there to do some great work. We also liked them all straight away; they are really committed to their customer and we really clicked with their team!”

Apparently, comfort was given center stage along with ultra-flattering silhouettes. Floral and arrow prints decorate the loveliest dresses in order to offer fashionistas the chance to incorporate some of the 'it' patterns into their wardrobe. The couturiers behind Clements Ribeiro brand also added that, “Shapes become really important and proportions are quite different. Comfort and respect are essential and fashion ideas need to be adapted to that, they cannot be imposed at will.”

Clements Ribeiro For Evans Clements Ribeiro For Evans Clements Ribeiro For Evans Clements Ribeiro For Evans

In addition to flirty patterns, the designer duo also stated that it was important to pay special attention to details which can sculpt the silhouette of every girl, “A sexy dress that makes the most of her shape and accentuates her assets — like a great neckline, for example. A great coat that doesn't swamp her in fabric and elongates her figure — in cotton drill for the summer, and in a great wool blend for winter.” Inject a youthful flair into your wardrobe with these suit-all and voguish dresses and patterned tops.

The heart print adds a cheerful and romantic feel to ensembles. Adele is one of the style icons who succeeded to land plus size fashion in the spotlight. The Clements Ribeiro style company is grateful for her deed. The designer duo Suzanne Clements and Inacio Ribeiro claimed that “She is great as a fashion icon because she sticks to her personal style. She loves fashion, but in public, she wants to be her own brand, not a fashion billboard. The fact that she is so gorgeous and comfortable in her own skin — and body — makes her even more of an inspiration than she already is as a singer.”

The collection goes on sale starting March, 31.

Clements Ribeiro For Evans Clements Ribeiro For Evans Clements Ribeiro For Evans Clements Ribeiro For Evans Clements Ribeiro For Evans Clements Ribeiro For Evans

Image courtesy of Clements Ribeiro, Evans