Sublime elegance dominated the runway at Christian Dior as the label's designer opted for flowing chiffon and soft, classic detailed ensembles to take over fall 2012. With 56 amazing looks, the collection was truly a delight, so take a peek at Bill Gaytten's vision of the new season fashion styles and pick your favorites!

The upcoming season if full of surprises as an array of beautiful ensembles have been put together by the most reputable fashion labels. One of the brands that is known to exceed the highest expectations every time is Christian Dior and the brand's fall 2012 RTW collection was no exception. With plenty of pressure to fill in the shoes of the fashion genius John Galliano is not easy, the brand's creative director, Bill Gaytten, seems to have done a great job as with a soft, classic yet contemporary approach, the collection drew plenty of positive reactions.

The show displayed an array of wonderful and ultra-feminine fashion designs, 56 ensembles to be exact, so the tension behind the curtain must have been high as this is quite an impressive number of outfits to come up with.

Starting off with stylish two piece ensembles, coats paired with fabulous midi skirts, the collection continued with evening gowns that captured the essence of femininity perfectly. The designs aimed for classic elegance with a modern approach and the target was flawlessly achieved. With soft and subtle embroideries, the collection captured the public's attention through high quality fabrics, carefully put together ensembles and perfectly enhanced silhouettes. From simple blazers to softly scooped necklines, cinched-waist pieces predominantly underlined with stylish belts, evening dresses and stylish pant-blazer ensembles, the collection was truly a delight to watch.

To go along with the classic theme of the collection, Bill Gaytten opted for an elegant color palette featuring autumnal hues such as brown tones, plum, dark blue, black, gray and copper. However, to liven-up a bit the collection, the designer also chose to introduce warmer tones such as dusty salmon, beige, beige-pinks and red, so there was a perfect balance throughout the collection. This color diversity enables women to select the perfect outfit for the occasion and their skin tone and personality, so check out the impressive collection signed Christian Dior Fall 2012 and pick your new season must haves.

Photos by Giovanni Giannone via WWD