With little time left until the Paris Fashion Week fall 2013 edition, we began wondering what Christian Dior will be bringing to the table this time. Despite changes and controversies, the label has maintain its well deserved role as a name with a high resonance in the industry. The brand has dazzled on numerous occasions. There are many options which stole the spotlight over the years, however we’ll stick to the not so distant past in our short style retrospective.

Amazing gowns fit for a princess was the focus of the fabulous Christian Dior spring 2012 collection. Bill Gaytten did an outstanding job with the Dior fall 2012 ready-to-wear offerings. Raf Simons proved it knows how to carry on the fashion house’s legacy and put a modern spin on it on numerous occasions, however, the spring 2013 couture collection is the latest amazing line that captured the spotlight. These are just some of the amazing set of options which the brand put into the spotlight in the past Paris Fashion Week editions and these amazing options make us quite hopeful that the brand will put on an amazing show as usual.

Christian Dior at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 Christian Dior at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013

Christian Dior at Paris Fashion Week is scheduled on March 1. Starting with 2:30 pm a select number of guests will have the chance to see the Christian Dior fall 2013 collection. Like many other high profile labels, the brand has opted to make the launch of the new collection an invitation-only event.

The newest Paris Fashion Week event can be a great opportunity to learn more about your favorite labels. If Christian Dior happens to be one of them, the best way to enjoy the label’s hottest offerings from runway options to cosmetics and everything in between would be to visit the label’s official website, dior.com. Doing so will definitely make you even more anxious for the show to start. Remember to stay close though, for the hottest highlights from the Christian Dior fall 2013 collection coming soon!

Christian Dior at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013

Photo courtesy of Dior