Do you dream about an exceptional Christmas? So does the Christian Dior label for which dreaming only about a white Christmas would be an unnecessary limitation, thus the “An Exceptional Christmas” by Dior was created. Featuring the Nimue Smit, the new campaign rounds up the hottest current offerings of the season. The Dior fall/winter 2012 campaign featuring Mila Kunis might have given an insight into the new offerings yet this vivid campaign tells the true story.

With a subtle hint of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and a total commitment to make the fabulous current goodies, this sure isn’t your typical Christmas lookbook. On the other hand, if you’re looking for cute Christmas party dresses, you’ll definitely find some fab alternatives worth checking out. Fabulous and seductive, the new gowns will never make you worry about looking tacky. Still, if you’ve already picked out your party looks, accessories might be more of a relevant area of focus for you.

Whether they are presented in the middle of a multitude of butterflies or as a simple addition to an outstanding outfit, the handbags from the new fashion campaign are undoubtedly some of the most attention grabbing items. Functionality and the desire to stand out are beautifully merged in the newest designs. As a result both versatile options and more vibrantly toned alternatives are offered for those looking for classy accessories to refresh their looks.

Many of the same style concepts apply for the shoes presented in the new collection. Gorgeous pumps with the potential to take you to new style heights are some the suggestions you can instantly use to perk up your look for the upcoming holidays. Make sure you dress to impress with these spectacular style suggestions for a memorable holiday. Investing effort in our looks definitely pays off, so make sure to do your best to shine during these festive days.

Photo courtesy of Christian Dior