Chaser puts edginess in the spotlight in its newest holiday 2012 lookbook. Take a peek at the new fabulous offerings from the label.

Get your rock on! This is Chaser's advice for the holiday 2012 season. In the myriad of cool alternatives, the inclusion of edgy ensembles is certainly welcomed and intensely desired. With an eclectic perspective and a lot of boldness, the label puts the new season trends in a new and fun light. The LA based label stays true to its punk rock origin with a variety of youthful ensembles that cannot go unnoticed. A touch of rebellion with a hint of creativity can be the best alternatives for reinventing your look quickly and easily.

Leather pants and skirts, animal printed hot pants, over the knee boots, fun hats, retro tees are only some of the staples which can help you get a similarly covetable vibe. The free spirited approach is very distinguishable regardless of the complexity of the looks. However, beyond selecting the right staples, the way you carry yourself is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind.

The aforementioned spirit just wouldn't be the same without lots of black, sheer touches being optional. Faux fur is another fun staple that can help you get through the coldest days of the year in style. Still, simple yet edgy pieces can only go so far in helping you project the daring image you crave. For a maximum impact, your choices as far as accessories go are extremely important as well.

Jewelry pieces are perfect for putting emphasis without adding bulk and the label shows many fab examples on how to accessorize in order to attract attention and feel comfortable. Belts, necklaces or cuffs are fabulous choice for adding complexity. Hats are another great idea that can work well if you're looking for a fun flair and an unexpected touch. Vary your look with these interesting ideas for an effortless new season makeover.

Photo courtesy of Chaser