While couture shows might be exciting enough as they are, Karl Lagerfeld was not satisfied with the usual expected standards. Instead, he hosted his Chanel presentation inside an airplane to take his show to the next level in more ways than one. The vision of the designer was well reflected by his presentation which included a myriad of blue shades, despite the fact that the designer himself insisted that he doesn’t have ‘the blues’.

What might have appeared to be a display of possibly futuristic, edgy attire options turn out to be a continuous array of classy options. The blue display might have reminded the audience of hostesses because the intention of the designer was quite similar: “I didn’t want to make it too literal. If you look at what air hostesses really wore back in the ’60s, it wasn’t that great.” His solution for an elegant and modern version of such trends? Fitted blazers,cozy yet well structured long jackets, fabulous, slash pockets and relatively simple, discreet accessories.

If the clothes seemed toned down yet interesting, the beauty choices were definitely more unexpected. A rebellious touch could be sensed in the hairstyle options that were styled to make a statement. Like the attire choices themselves, the hairstyles highlighted an inspiration from both feminine and masculine fashion, this accent being particularly revealing in this sense.

High quality fabrics, funky yet refined textural details, subtle embroidery for a greater contrast were among the most important elements that made the latest couture collection by the designer feel so spectacular, despite the classy allure. High shine fabrics managed to provide that evening glamor vibe we all know and love without turning to anything over the top or too out of the ordinary.

Photo courtesy of WWD.com