Chanel at Paris Fashion Week is the highlight of every fashion month! We all know that Chanel is one of the most sought-after fashion labels today, a brand that attracts the crème de la crème of the world of fashion enthusiasts as the garments, accessories and cosmetics wearing the Chanel signature have always been regarded as intriguing and irresistible due to the brand’s innovative, sophisticated and luxurious take of style. Let’s take a peek at some of the brand’s previous collections and see exactly what brought to Chanel the coveted title of ‘ultimate leading brand in the fashion industry’!

One of the latest examples of the brand’s exquisite designing skills and boldness spiked with a vintage chicness can be observed effortlessly and from first glimpse in Chanel’s pre-fall 2013 collection, which brought to the fashion scene an array of vintage looking garments that looked depicted from an old Scotland Yard mystery movie, garments displaying impeccable, high quality tweeds, comfy knits, long cardigans and gorgeous color combos and prints that brought back under the spotlight the well known tartan.

Chanel at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 Chanel at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013

Now, the shift the fashion powerhouse is capable of is best made visible when comparing this collection with the Chanel spring 2013 collection or the Chanel resort 2012 designs which revealed a more refined, romantic vision of the Chanel woman but with the same inclination towards past trends. The quality and the interesting way fabrics are juxtaposed makes people quiver with excitement at the mere sight of the brand’s name, so be sure to keep an eye on Chanel at Paris Fashion Week as it will surely set the new guidelines to style.

You can keep up to date by checking back to read the updates on Chanel’s fall 2013 collection as we’ll feature the collection as soon as it makes its debut on Tuesday, March 5th, at 10:30 am at Grand Palais, avenue Winston Churchill, Paris 8e.

Chanel at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 Chanel at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 Chanel at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013

Photo courtesy of Chanel