The Chanel pre-fall 2014 collection presented at the Dallas’s Fair Park for the annual Métiers d’Art show was inspired by the big state of Texas. Even without knowing this aspect, a single glimpse at the new options is enough to realize that the new Chanel pre-fall 2014 collection is a tribute to the American culture, in the same way in which the Chanel resort 2014 line was a tribute to the Asian culture. Given the fact that the state is not known for modesty or restraint, it was only natural that the collection was massive and extremely varied, just like its source of inspiration.

There was also a lot of inspiration taken from cowboys, but several romantic accents also made it into the spotlight. Unlike the art-inspired Chanel spring 2014 collection, which focused on prints, the new line brings much more interesting textural details that never fail to attract attention.

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Among the dominant textural details from the new Chanel pre-fall 2014 collection were lots of fringes, feathers, metal studs, ruffles, rhinestones, many knitwear pieces and even scalloped tiers of denim which resembled fish scales. When it came to denim, Karl Lagerfeld opted for stone-wash denim, explaining that he likes the faded look. Even military accents, visible mostly on the label’s signature tweed jackets made their way into the diverse new set of offerings. Given the multitude of different options, it will be interesting to see which one will the designer put into the spotlight for the new campaign set to debut in May, which will feature Kristen Stewart, who was just named the face of Chanel.

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Not only the clothes stole the spotlight in the new Chanel pre-fall 2014 collection. Accessories were also a quite high on the covetable items list. Aside from the leather cowboy boots, which perfectly reflected the source of inspiration, tribal inspired jewelry along with chic denim hats were other interesting details which ensured the new looks would not only make a powerful impression right from the start, but that they would also prove hard to forget.

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Photos: WWD