The upcoming Céline show at Paris Fashion Week gets everyone anxious to see what’s next for the French luxury brand. So far the path to style selected by the brand has never disappointed and although its quite impossible to predict the outcome of the future lineup, we believe it’s safe to say that the focus is highly likely to be placed on traditional, romantic designs with a masculine touch.

Proof of the brand’s charming take on style can be easily detected in its previous collections and the lineups that come to our mind are the pre-fall 2013 and the Céline’s spring 2012 collection. The particularity of the cuts, the clean chicness brought by the luxurious fabrics and the minimalist color approach to fashion, characteristics that have become a signature of the brand, can be seen even by the untrained eye, so no wonder that we expect no less from the brand’s upcoming high-end garments!

Celine at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013

Now, attention will not only be focused on attire at the unveiling of Céline’s fall 2013 collection as the luxury brand is known for its exquisite leather goods, shoes and accessories. Just take a peek at Céline’s spring 2012 handbags and you’ll see why women go wild for anything signed by the label!

If the brand’s previous creations appeal to you be sure to check back to watch the lovely garments featured in the Céline fall 2013 collection as we’ll update the post with highlights of the show held at Paris Fashion Week, on Sunday, March 3rd at 1PM.

Celine at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013

Photos: Celine