The Cartier Winter Tale 2013 campaign is, hands down, the most adorable holiday campaign of 2013! Just like last year’s holiday campaign, this too revolves around an adorable panther cub whose adventures not only aim to transport the viewers into a magical world filled with sophistication and luxury but also help them rediscover the special holiday spirit. As fans of the brands might already know, this year’s Winter Tale campaign is the fourth installment of the Winter Tale film series, which seems directed towards loyal fans of the label.

The 85 seconds video directed by Bibo Bergeron, who was also the director behind “Shark Tale” and “A Monster in Paris”, is inspired by the 1920s Paris and revolves around the idea of a cute partnership between a cuddly panther cub with magical powers and a human working together to bring the opulent Cartier jewelry into homes in Paris for Christmas on an ethereal winter day. It doesn’t get much heart melting than that! In the case of the adorable campaign a picture is truly worth a thousand words.

Cartier Winter Tale 2013 Ad CampaignCartier Christmas 2013 Campaign

It’s even hard to decide whether to focus on the adorable wild cat or the exquisite Cartier jewelry picks for the festive days of the year as every single aspect of the new campaign is carefully picked to be memorable. When it comes to jewelry, the choices are classy, luxurious and superbly crafted, embodying exactly the qualities the label’s fans expect.

Cartier Holiday 2013 CampaignCartier Winter 2013 Campaign

The Cartier Winter Tale 2013 campaign features spectacular gift ideas for both men and women. Each of the new choices highlighted has a timeless allure yet feels very modern at the same time. These luxurious stocking stuffers are sure to become a cherished piece in anyone’s collection. Are we the only ones who have trouble deciding which is the best piece from the new ad campaign?

Cartier Winter Tale 2013 AdsCartier Winter Tale 2013

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Photos: Cartier