The New York Fashion Week is undoubtedly characterized by elegance and the Carolina Herrera brand has not only adhered to this standard, but has also done its best to surpass it. Luxurious, refined outfits that proved to be surprisingly wearable have placed the collection among the best ones from day 5 of the New York Fashion Week 2012.

Carolina Herrera has chosen to stay true to the style elements that have characterized many of her past collections for the spring 2012 collection, without aiming to create a retro vibe: “It’s not Thirties”.
The designer went on to explain that she now focused on modern fashion elements and revealed that the source of inspiration for the new collection presented during New York Fashion Week is Bauhaus: “I love everything they did — in art, in fashion, in interiors, the colors.”

Ditching the ever-present floral print trend, Carolina Herrera has opted for geometric vibes instead as a way to create interest and to give a distinguishable classy vibe to the elegant looks displayed. Far from style excesses or striking simplicity, Carolina Herrera has chosen the perfect middle ground by creating balanced focal points and using the layering technique for a more structured look.

Mid-length skirts and dresses were an important part of the collection, which means that these sexy yet uber refined skirt styles that were also presented on many other runways will probably be an important trend for the upcoming season. In terms of accessories, scarfs, belts, sunglasses or simple sandals with minimalistic designs are the preferred options.

As far as evening wear is concerned, simplicity is the main concept here. Subtle textural details and attention to proportions are the strategies the brand has adopted with great success. Monochrome dresses are the epitome of elegance with a simple touch, so it's no wonder that the brand has chosen this type of style direction in order to create ultra flattering gowns that can work well for many age groups.

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