Finding motivation to work out can be challenging, however there are plenty of ways to find inspiration to keep us going. Getting our fashion fix while also seeing our motivation to exercise increase are just two of the benefits we experience when taking a closer look at the Victoria’s Secret VSX August 2012 lookbook modeled by the beautiful Candice Swanepoel. If you’ve ever needed to be convinced that frumpy sports attire isn’t doing you any favors, the new lookbook can definitely help you see the potential of flattering choices.

Adding pops of color can be a sure bet to avoid boredom and blending in with the crowd. With the right support and a concern for selecting both comfortable and stylish pieces, you can look forward to each and every workout session and the label sure knows how to bring this concept to our attention. Fashionable accents, gorgeous pieces that cleverly combine practicality and fashion accents for a stunning statement can help you steal all the spotlight and even gain confidence or work harder for your goal.

The label has a fabulous selection of outfits and gorgeous pieces to spice up your wardrobe. You may feel happy with just two sets of outfits but adding a few extra ones in the mix can definitely be motivating and can eliminate the ‘it needs to be washed’ excuse. With so many covetable pieces, the options to stay stylish are generous and uber versatile, so the chances of finding something that suits you are definitely high.