The Byblos spring/summer 2013 campaign takes inspiration from the 70s which are reflected through a modern perspective. Inspired by the spirit of the era the Italian label brings a fabulous set of feminine alternatives which prove effortlessly refined and even playful. The label focuses extensively on femininity which is why the new season options are centered mostly around feminine dresses. The new season options were captured by fashion photographer Oskar Cecere with art direction by Stefano Roncato. Models Jefimija Jokic, Bibi, Stefan Knezevic, Lorenzo Scabbio bring the new season offerings into the spotlight.

The impression of timelessness blends with modern elements making the new Byblos spring/summer 2013 campaign a true source of insight for those who are looking for a spectacular alternative to make their new season looks stand out. With plenty of exciting alternatives worth exploring, the new season outfits can sure be a fab source of inspiration. Despite the fact that the label focuses on the defining aspects of the era which were highlighted predominantly in the past season, the label doesn’t miss the change to feature some interesting trends of the moment, with abstract patterns being among the most interesting alternatives. Abstract patterns with vibrant tones are perhaps the most eloquent example in the category.

Byblos Spring/Summer 2013 Campaign Byblos Spring/Summer 2013 Campaign

The new Byblos spring/summer 2013 campaign brings plenty of examples of contrasts between proportions done right. The label plays with many fabulous accents to deliver a fab look which is sure to steal the spotlight every single time. A balance between slim silhouettes and oversized pieces can be the detail that makes things more exciting. The polished allure of the new outfits can be easily replicated by paying attention to details. A gorgeous dress is a must have of the new season if you’re looking to impress.

With plenty of exciting textural details and an interesting color palette it’s easy to create a strong impression without too many accessories. Still, the new Byblos spring/summer 2013 campaign brings plenty of spectacular options as far as shoes are concerned as they are the one of the most elements which gives the new season options the spectacularly glam allure that instantly steals the spotlight.

Byblos Spring/Summer 2013 Campaign Byblos Spring/Summer 2013 Campaign Byblos Spring/Summer 2013 Campaign

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Photos: Byblos