Nicole Farhi is the highly acclaimed designer who decided to break the silence and shed light on a dark and controversial secret of modern fashion industry. According to the latest buzz news, celebrities are paid to sit in the front row. Believe it or not, the number of Hollywood stars and ‘it’ girls attending the hottest fashion shows has nothing to do with their admiration for a brand or a couture atelier. There are a few cases when it’s not necessary to use a business deal to convince a celeb to appear at the presentation of a collection.

However, according to this first class designer numerous stars let their public relations agents create the perfect offer which is sent to various fashion houses. The French-born designer made a tricky decision to reveal the details of this scandalous deal between celebs and luxe brands. She claims to The Sunday Telegraph’s Stella magazine, “It is so unprofessional. I have never paid a celebrity and I will never do it. It’s stupid.[…]What do they show you in the papers after a fashion show? Not the clothes, but the celebrities who are being paid to sit at the show.”

Nicole Farhi is ready to face the attacks of fashion industry and celebrities who deny these rumors. The 65-year-old couturier states that, “They will all hate me for it. I don’t give a —- because I think it is abominable.”

Some of the influential personalities from the world of fashion joined the battle of Farhi against this much-debated habit.

The London-based fashion PR, Emma Whitehair stated that, “There need to be more designers like Nicole Farhi who are not paying so-called talent to come to sit on the front row.[…]In other places it was completely the norm, part of what was called ‘talent wrangling’. I know for an absolute fact they would pay celebrities to sit on the front row. It’s unfair: some people secure talent because they have genuine friendships and the celebrity likes the brand. Others have paid.”

Other important details about this scandalous practice are revealed by Abe Gurko, the head of Abe fashion talent services and public relations company from New York, “There is no doubt that it has evolved quickly, as recently as in the past three years.[…]Once word got out that people were being paid, everyone jumped on the bandwagon. They [the demands] kept coming.[…]I had a manager say ‘She will do it for $125,000’ [£78,000]. I said ‘Have a nice day’?.”

Mr Gurko also added that, “The most I paid was about 18 months ago: $25,000 for flights for two people for a European star, the hotel, clothes, make-up, the car and driver for three days. She was worth every nickel.”. However, he also emphasized that when it came to a business deal for the actual appearance in the front row he refused to pay anything, “All this back-room dealing cheapens the whole business. And I don’t think it’s going to stop.”

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