Though the London Fashion Week show is an interesting event in its entirety, some shows are definitely more eagerly awaited than others. The Burberry Prorsum label has used us with interesting shows over the years and we have every reason to believe that Burberry Prorsum at London Fashion Week fall 2013 will prove at least equally enticing if not more. A multitude of exciting creations managed to enchant fashionistas over the years, from the main collections to the accessories that completed the looks, however we’ll only make a brief stop through the most recent stunners.

The classy and spectacular options presented in the past London Fashion Week edition in the fall 2012 ready-to-wear collection are still quite fresh into our mind as they proved an worthy source of insight for the mixing classy elements with contemporary vibes for an amazing overall effect.

The Burberry Prorsum fall/winter 2013 accessories completed the vision superbly and proved once again that classy doesn’t have to be synonym with plain. The series of stunning options continued with a refined and fairly laid back Burberry Prorsum resort 2013 collection, while the spring 2013 collection stunned with options that represent quite a shift in perspective compared to what we’ve come to expect.

Burberry Prorsum at London Fashion Week Fall 2013

Still, the pre-fall 2013 collection brought back the leading elements of the brand’s aesthetic, which begs the question: what will Burberry Prorsum at London Fashion Week fall 2013 put forward this time? It is definitely hard to make any sort of prediction in this sense, however, we do expect to see a myriad of mesmerizing looks that raise to the high standard the label has imposed over the years. The Burberry Prorsum fall 2013 collection is scheduled on Monday, the 18th of February starting with 4 PM. It will be an invitation only event.

As much as we would want to see the label’s hot creations right now, the only way to quench our thirst for the label’s sartorial delights until then is to have a glimpse of the label’s most spectacular looks up to date on the label’s official website, Still, we’re committed to bringing you the hottest fall 2013 Burberry Prorsum looks as soon as possible so don’t forget to check back for updates on London Fashion Week.

Update! Have a look at the new Burberry Prorsum fall 2013 collection!

Burberry Prorsum at London Fashion Week Fall 2013 Burberry Prorsum at London Fashion Week Fall 2013

Photo courtesy of Burberry