Christopher Bailey succeeded in preserving the classy Brit allure the beloved style brand, Burberry reflected in a series of style seasons. Those who are familiarized with the runway shows of the fashion house know the prominence granted to utilitarian chic and high street clothing elements. The ageless trench coat, the chic boots together with denim designs all can be spotted in the glam parades for both colder and warm seasons.

This time the Burberry April Showers 2011 collection allows us to add a color splash to our wardrobe. Check out the rainbow style plastic accessories and cover-ups that can definitely sweep every color junkie fashionista off her feet. Explore the most impressive designs especially during the busy festival season calendar. Follow the top outfit hints that lead you through the fab selection of basic clothing elements and some extra details.

Effortless chic is combined with urban sportswear to turn these outfits into comfy and chic ensembles. This season the name of the game is versatility both when it comes to the color palette together with fabric selection. Feel free to awaken your experimentalist side and cover all the hottest Burberry attire options. Pay special attention to your stylish jackets and coats that can easily vamp up your appearance. Look for the super-suave and all silhouette-flattering designs that suit your preferences.

Think big when raiding your favorite stores for multi-taskers. Choose wardrobe elements that can be easily embedded in zillion outfit fantasies. In the spirit of the Burberry girl draw some inspiration from the classy Brit chic designs and patterns. No wonder Celebsville is also charmed by the refinement of the series of Burberry collections. ‘April Shower’ as the symbolic name of this capsule has all the too-cool-to-miss style items ready to help you in building up a fail-safe outfit that will definitely land you on the best dressed list of street chic.

Dress to impress even if the rain might sabotage your flawless public appearance. Use the gorgeous capsule collection to get into the groove of the spring season and let your personality lead the outfit selection. Showcase your loyalty to the neat and classy tailoring served with a modern twist. Burberry is the hot stuff to experiment with, along with the guarantee to sport an immaculate and professionally inspired new season look. It’s time to give up your style limitations and step on a field that allows you to juggle with the visual effect of neon and vibrant shades.

Image courtesy of Burberry