The new Burberry Prorsum resort 2014 collection is a lesson in sophistication from start to finish. Christopher Bailey brought a fresh set of alternatives that unveiled an interesting style direction from the brand. Though amazingly classy trenches will always be a part of the label’s identity, the past few season have brought some interesting twists and it seems that the stylish surprises have just begun. The label brings stunning elegant options with a fab feminine flair.

The Burberry resort 2014 alternative revolve around classy feminine staples such as gorgeous knee length dresses and fabulous skirts. The novelty of the new pieces relies in their bold flair. Contrary to what one might expect from Burberry, there plenty of pieces with see-through accents and plenty of bold cutouts which instantly attract attention.

Despite the fact that some pieces are bolder than one might expect, the classiness of the new offerings is not diminished one bit. The luxurious allure of the new offerings is noticeable from the very first moment.

Burberry Prorsum Look 1 Resort 2014Burberry Prorsum Look 3 Resort 2014Burberry Prorsum Look 4 Resort 2014Burberry Prorsum Look 7 Resort 2014

A quick glimpse through the new Burberry Prorsum resort 2014 line will quickly reveal the label’s preference for spectacular bodycon pieces, even the label puts quite a lot of emphasis on playing with volume in order to add a fab modern flair to the new season looks. Delicate pastels blend with vibrant rich tones to create a myriad of amazing looks which instantly attract attention. The textures chosen for the new line are fairly varied and extremely interesting. With interesting choices like lace, silk, satin and fab embroidery, the label managed to impress with every single look.

Burberry Prorsum Look 8 Resort 2014Burberry Prorsum Look 9 Resort 2014Burberry Prorsum Look 10 Resort 2014Burberry Prorsum Look 12 Resort 2014Burberry Prorsum Look 13 Resort 2014Burberry Prorsum Look 15 Resort 2014

Given the high impact chromatic and textural choices that define the Burberry resort 2014 looks, it’s fairly easy to understand why accessories are kept on the classy side. Still, classy doesn’t necessarily mean subdued as most styles have a fairly strong visual impact, especially with the skillful combos featured in the new line. If you’re aiming for a bold yet classy look, be sure to use the label’s new collection as a guideline for a stunning effect.    

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