The new BSK by Bershka March 2013 lookbook got us quivering with excitement as the new garments put on display by the popular affordable retail brand pack a high dose of chicness. With color and comfort focused on making the best out of the incredibly fashionable designs featuring laid-back cuts, dressing to impress – as far as daywear goes anyway – will be a breeze, so hold on tight as you’ll be swept off your feet by the youthful collection from first glimpse!

Contemporary fashionistas are not afraid to mix and match prints, colors and fabrics or to take risque fashion decisions and what once might have been regarded as being overwhelming is now considered innovative, daring and statement-making and some of these head-turning details such a fab prints and vivaciously colored garments, can be traced to Bershka’s March 2013 lineup.

Bershka‘s daring motifs used in the collection fall mainly into the ethnic print category and aim to liven up and add a touch of sophistication to the otherwise simplistic cut garments. Take your cue from the BSK by Bershka lookbook and mishmash your fave items to create a cool print and monochromatic mix outfit! Push the boundaries to style and show off your daring personality as this year fashion designers are urging fashionistas to add a bit more twist to your style through color and patterns!

BSK by Bershka March 2013 Lookbook BSK by Bershka March 2013 Lookbook

So, what to expect to find on the shelves at BSK by Bershka? Well, an array of printed tees and tops, comfy chic dresses, cool military and safari inspired parkas and vests, neon colored shirts, sweaters, denim jackets as well as numerous accessories that will help add even more coolness to a modern look.

Though Bershka’s March 2013 lookbook sheds light on an array of softly pigmented boho-chic & sporty, quite simplistic garments featuring the same ethnic prints only more subtly, BSK by Bershka seems to be a bit more daring as far as color and prints go and we absolutely love the flirty result of the color and print mix! Neons, pastels and some achromatic shades help the outfits stand out, so raid through the fab monochromatic or multi-chromatic fashion pieces and pick the shades that reflect your style.

BSK by Bershka March 2013 Lookbook BSK by Bershka March 2013 Lookbook BSK by Bershka March 2013 Lookbook BSK by Bershka March 2013 Lookbook

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Photos: Bershka