Florals. Ruffless. Girly skirts. The previous season was filled with them. If you’ve grown tired of the trend or you’re simply willing to explore an edgier perspective, the BOTB Anti-Heroine fall 2012 lookbook is here to help you stay stylish and explore other sides of your personality. The looks cater to “the damsel in distress character that switched her roll drastically into the rebellious outlaw, striving to unmask her once ignored voice.”

Showing off your rebellious side is not complicated. Instead, going for simplicity is often the better option. Striking contrasts, minimal frills can be the best strategy for creating the look you dream of. Still, this doesn’t mean you need to forgo femininity completely. In fact, rocking a simple skirt can be a great way to stay on trend and keep things simple yet stylish. Playing with length and /or texture can definitely change the tone of an outfit.

You can always count on leather to change the tone of an outfit. Leather skirts or shorts are a particularly fashionable choice this season, but if you’d rather take things more gradually, a leather jacket with an edgy touch will prove a sensible option. When you’re doing a monochrome outfit, pattern can be immensely helpful in enabling you to stand out without making a real effort in this regard.

As always, accessories can make or break an outfit and the label sure places a high emphasis on them. Whether we are talking about statement boots, fun hats or funky bracelets, such additions can definitely have a strong impact on your overall appearance. Explore your fun side through the fun options that the label offers or put your existing versatile pieces to work for a more fun new season update that can definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

Photo courtesy of BOTB