Play it safe, blend with the crowd and stay away from risky alternatives. Taking precautions at all times can ruin the fun. Boldness and spontaneity can be the perfect cure for such style ruts and the spring 2012 BOTB collection brings the perfect serving of edginess to awaken the rebel inside us. Trisha S brings us the rebellious confident attitude which comes with the realization that our fate is in our own hands in a fun photoshoot lensed by Natalia Mantini.

Rejecting limitations imposed by others is the key to finding the path to personal fulfillment and ultimately creating the perfect future and this sense of power can definitely come from boldly reflecting the traits that you value regardless of how unpopular they are. Cheeky messages, unexpected cutouts, sheer touches, simple statement pieces or textural contrasts reflect that sense of confidence the young generation proudly displays.

Bones, abstract patterns, plaids and other geometric motifs are the main focal points of the collection. A mix of masculine and feminine accents blend well for en eclectic effect while the exposed bra illusion is cleverly suggested as being the ultimate act of rebellion and why not, naughtiness. Sporty hats, towering black leather platforms or the rebel’s ultimate statement piece, the leather jackets add statement value to the looks.

Creative clothing pieces is only part of the equation when it comes to defining the appeal of the collection. Burgundy lipstick with dark accents paired with a bold smoky eye makeup which leave no room for subtleties are contrasted by soft yet well defined curls which bring an unexpected touch of femininity perfect for this creative display of edgy, rebellious outfit options for the new season.

Photo courtesy of Hellz