The Boss Orange fall/winter 2013-2014 campaign is titled “Aspirational Journey” and features top models Nadja Bender and Benjamin Eidem. Shot by Lachlan Bailey in the streets of New York, the campaign does indeed bring a variety of inspirational looks worth considering. While the Hugo Boss fall/winter 2013 campaign brought elegant ensembles for those looking for investment pieces, the new Boss Orange fall 2013 campaign is filled with urban, youthful chic options.

The Boss Orange campaign for fall 2013 combines vintage inspired pieces with a modern approach in a series of stunning looks that can definitely serve as a style guide for the new season. The exciting mix of ultra versatile pieces with modern, youthful accents is perhaps one of the most intriguing touches of the new outfits. The new Boss Orange campaign definitely raises the bar when it comes to smart street styles. The blend of casual and feminine yet casual modern yet vintage are some of the contrasts that are skillfully blended into each of the new season alternatives.

Boss Orange  2013 2014Boss Orange Fall 2013 Looks

Among the key pieces of the new Boss Orange fall 2013 campaign there are fab colored leather jackets, skinny pants, light sweaters, classy coats, graphic printed tops, knit vests all in fabulous burgundy, brown and earthy tones perfect for the season ahead. Though it’s definitely possible to pull off extremely dull outfits with such tones, the label proves that a little creativity can change things dramatically.

Boss Orange Fall Winter 2013 2014Boss Orange Fall Campaign

The ensembles from the Boss Orange fall/winter 2013 campaign also feature some ultra covetable accessories that can make any fashionista fall in love. Luxurious watches, amazing leather boots, classy handbags, gorgeous scarfs and ultra chic eyewear are the perfect addition to the label’s impressive arsenal of style offerings for fall/winter 2013-2014.

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Photos: Hugo Boss