Femininity with a fun touch and inspiration from the tropics for a complete metamorphosis were the style cues Blumarine has used to add a fresh vibe to the already established fashion trend for the upcoming warm seasons. Ladylike glamour, edginess and sexiness with an undeniable kitsch component are cleverly combined into attention grabbing outfit ideas worth taking into account.

Floral prints are already a classic style trend for the spring/summer 2012 season, however the brand’s perspective has a certain element of uniqueness attached to it. Far from being subtle or easily missed, the floral theme is boldly being represented with bright colors and big motifs that are obviously meant to give a look-at-me vibe. The same tendency can be noticed in terms of accessory where the floral trend is used for texture rather than color.

Cropped tops and deep V necklines, colorful statement earrings in tone with the motifs endorsed, handbags that mimic the texture of the grass, metallic accents and occasional sheer details are some the most notable trends from the Blumarine collection. Color trends? Bright orange, lime green, several blue tones, yellow or fuchsia are some of the best choices if we are to embrace the brand’s vision. From day outfits to more elegant evening outfits, sexiness is the buzzword in the next season.

Photos via Style.com