Apparently, Anna Molinari wanted to take a different approach with her Blumarine Fall 2012 ready-to-wear collection as judging from the words introduced in the show’s notes, “Understand urbanwear”, the fashion designer wanted to underline variety and she opted to do so in the most bold manner, by opting for color clashing fabrics, overall metallics, bold all-over leopard prints, iridescent fabrics and scale-like applications.

The uncharacteristic collection signed Anna Molinari for Blumarine Fall 2012 sparked both positive and negative comments, but one thing is for certain, the collection was a definite feast for the eyes as the array of fabulous colors and bold patterns was difficult to ignore.

The collection debuted softly with a mix of white items paired with intensely colored fur coats and matching bags, a look that kind of took you towards Aspen-style worthy outfits, that surely don’t go by unnoticed. However, the looks instantly switched to shiny street-wear styles as models donning monochrome taupe, metallic gray and all-over leopard print ensembles began to take over the catwalk. From shiny PVC trenchcoats to metallic skinny-fit trousers and simple suits paired with thick, knitted stockings, the designs kept a fine balance between eccentric and wearable, but once the collection debuted with neon, high-voltage designs, the balance quickly shifted towards eccentric, bold styles that are surely not for the shy.

The designs had retro-chic, street-wear written all over as neon, iridescent fabrics with and without beading applications, helped create stylish leggings, skinny-fit pants, stylish jackets and dresses. The outfits were paired with equally eclectic iridescent boots that helped complete the bold, statement style outfits, so from soft iridescent to high-voltage neons, the designs were a visual delight.

Throughout the collection, the designer opted to tone things down by introducing the classic LBD, as well as maxi black, simple dresses, so the collection actually displayed an array of styles which suit women of different ages and with various preferences. If you’re ready for a powerful look this fall 2012 season, check out the new Blumarine fashion collection and pick your new season style boosters!

Photos by Piero Cristaldi via WWD