Classy, sophisticated, feminine and wild might seem like an unusual combo yet this is exactly the vibe that the latest ad campaign devised by the Blugirl label manages to leave, featuring both a dreamy scenario and a completely lust-worthy clothing alternative for the ultimate style indulgence. Featuring Jessica Miller, the latest Blugirl shot by Michelangelo di Battista brings new meanings to the tropical beauty concept.

Glamor and edgy sophistication are the two style directions embraced by the brand for the upcoming months and the beauty of the jungle seems to have proved the perfect catalyst for expanding on this simple concept. Animal and floral prints, spectacular modern monochrome dresses and breath-taking accessories accentuate the lavishness, the splendid touch that makes the outfits oh-so-intriguing.

Since dresses are the most recognizable symbol of femininity, it comes as no surprise that the ad campaign is packed exclusively with short and long dresses. Wild and seductive with animal prints, girly yet confident in short pink dress or sophisticated and versatile are alternatives the brand endorses for the new season. Effortless elegance with a modern touch is the look to go for in the upcoming months. The use of gold accessories as a style statement and as a way to add complexity to a look are another hot trend worth adopting in the hot days.

Layered necklaces, golden bangles or shiny chain belts can completely transform a look and the beautiful yet dangerous allure of the lookbook is more than a straightforward illustration of this important point. Loose fitting garments can be just as alluring as body hugging ones and the latest ad campaign by the high-end brand sure knows how to hit the nail on the head and proves a noteworthy inspiration for the hot days.

Photo courtesy of Blugirl