Music fests approach with lightening speed and finding appropriate outfits for such occasions becomes an obvious concern since music is far from being the only concern. A touch of originality and creativity are needed in order to match the spirit of the occasion and such expectations and unspoken requirement can put quite a pressure on a music lover with a soft spot for fashion choices designed to meet the occasion. To solve part of these sartorial dilemmas, Planet Blue and Foam magazine have joined forces and created a fabulous lookbook.

Boho chic inspiration, a careful eye on making intuitive combos stand out with the help of fab accessories or eclectic print styles are some of the highlights that mostly stand out in the latest lookbook. Those who feel inspired by the outfits will definitely be excited to know that these looks and others can be purchased online from With only little over a month till the well known event, getting all the help one can get is definitely worth appreciating especially when a myriad of lust-worthy options are readily available.

Gorgeous dresses, practical shorts or flared pants and creative tops are fabulously created to combine many style influences without giving off a complex vibe. Tie dye prints, floral and animal prints with a twist, eclectic lace details or unexpected cutouts and acid wash denim touches give a fairly ordinary outfit style a twist and still manage to maintain the casual vibe that is so desirable and easy to create. Freedom of expression is undoubtedly the best concept to be guided by for such circumstances.

To really amp up the style potential of the outfits, however, investing in a series of fabulous accessories will be necessary. A few interesting alternatives? Think floppy hats, colored sunglasses with a very subtle retro vibe, long necklaces with fun pendants, layered bracelets, statement rings or neutral boots with buckles as their main style element. Go for effortless styling with a high emphasis on a natural look and get ready to dazzle instantly.

Photos by Zoey Grossman