Bloggers have become essential and irreplaceable in the fashion industry, while their opinion weighs a lot. Elin Kling, a Swedish blogger, collaborated with the famous brand H&M in order to create a new collection set to be launched on February 3. However, the line will only be available in Sweden in 10 selected stores in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo and Uppsala, with 10% of sales to be donated to UNICEF. Well, it is worth mentioning that Elin Kling is the first fashion blogger to ever design for H&M.

The Elin Kling for H&M collection, described as being “modern, light and minimalistic, with bohemian influences”, includes nine fashion pieces and two accessories. “It feels great to be able to offer our Swedish customers an exclusive collection by Elin Kling,” Sofia Jegerborn, marketing manager of H&M Sweden, said. “As one of Sweden’s biggest fashion profiles, Elin fits our fashion-conscious customer perfectly.”

The new fashion line is based on silhouette and fabrics, having discrete details, and being characterized by softness, clearness and femininity.

Elin Kling started her blog in 2007 and she managed to turn it into Scandinavia’s largest fashion blog. Now she works as Fashion Director at her own fashion magazine. Speaking about this exclusive and unique collaboration with H&M, Elin said that she is excited and flattered being the first fashion blogger in the world to launch her own collection for H&M.

“To be the first one to make this kind of Swedish collaboration with H&M feels incredibly flattering and fun. It has been very inspiring to be able to work so closely with the design team at H&M, and I’m incredibly happy with the results. The collection is minimalistic and raw, but with bohemian elements, something that reflects my personal style well.”

Photo courtesy of H&M