The latest Blanco spring/summer 2011 lookbook features amazing, versatile and wearable pieces, perfect for a trendy warm season. This is probably one of the greatest collections for the season that just begins. With a visible nautical influence, the latest line from Blanco is fresh, funny and fashionable. Since bold stripes already became a classic, we were able to see them season after season reinvented and updated. And among so many collections that use flowers as their main theme, Blanco comes with a different approach basing their line on sailor stripes.

The timeless nautical-inspired t-shirt, known as la marinière with those body-sculpting stripes is one chic choice during hot summer days. Besides their amazing power of slimming and stretching the silhouette, stripes are fun and can bring sophistication to a boring outfit. In the Blanco spring/summer 2011 collection the marinière is revisited and matched with skirts and sexy denim shorts.

Besides, another interesting take on the famous sailor stripes can be seen on skirts, dresses, handbags, and even socks. The nautical-inspired trend allows you to play with different styles, whether you want something more feminine or, on the contrary, an androgynous, rather masculine look.

If you thought that white and second-skin shades are so unflattering, you should reconsider as these are the best solution for hot summer days. The Blanco collection for the warm season comes with soft shades of nude and beige that are so refined, lovely and feminine. From shirts to skirts and shorts, these mild colors are easy to wear and extremely versatile. If you want something more polished and chic, opt for a white shirt, which is one of the hottest trends for spring/summer 2011.

Still, for those with a more daring, edgy fashion approach, the vibrant, passionate red is making waves too. This sensual, old classic color is lusciously elegant and glamorous, yet it can successfully be worn for a daytime, casual look. Due to its stunning power and vibrancy, red will undoubtedly turn heads. No one can deny the fact that a red mini-dress is feminine and sexy. If red clothes are just not your thing, glam up a bit by wearing a red lipstick.

Wild, wild … leopard! Sailor stripes and Mickey Mouse are not the only elements that embellish the Blanco spring/summer 2011 lookbook. In addition, another popular and bold trend is coming back. Amidst an array of brights and delicate nudes, creams and whites, the leopard print seems to be a dominant motif that adds an extravagant touch to our wardrobe. Leopard printed cardigans and blazers, but also accessories and shoes are used in edgy, effective combinations, even with stripes and polka dots.

Denim, on the other hand, is that timeless trend that will never go out of style. Its versatility and practicality are two key features that support a riot of different innovative mixing and matching possibilities. Blanco’s collection offers denim shorts, flared and skin-tight jeans teamed with blazers and basic t-shirts or check shirts. And since bright pants are the ultimate trend alert, Blanco brings a pair of skinny red pants that you can easily wear with a nautical-inspired t-shirt.

The Blanco spring/summer 2011 collection is so complex and manages to cover a multitude of trends. Those sophisticated, posh trench coats, those incredible shoes and sandals, and all the gorgeous and lovable accessories, handbags, scarves, and sunglasses were well-thought in order to create a great line for every fashionista. And even though polka dots are considered as being girlish, Blanco proves the contrary with the oh-so-stylish clothing items in their new line.

Photos courtesy of Blanco