Spring comes and we are ready to forget about all the black and gray heavy winter outfits. It’s time to take advantage of the warm weather outside and try more optimistic and vivid colors. Well, in this sense, there are plenty of choices as designers came with a wide palette this season. And the Blanco Early Spring collection brings some of the hottest trends for spring/summer 2011.

The campaign for Blanco Early Spring features Alejandra Alonso and Terron Wood photographed by David Dunan. The two models starring in the campaign wear beautiful items brought by Blanco for the upcoming season. Skin-tone shades, timeless denim, knits, lace, and dreamy prints are key-elements in the collection.

Throughout time, denim suffered so many transformations due to the development of various techniques, yet it remained an It-fabric characterized by an amazing versatility and practicality. The Blanco Early Spring collection includes denim shorts, both for girls and boys, skirts, but also the classic jean.

Those nude shades are definitely one of the sexiest and coolest choice for spring/summer 2011. Skin-toned shades, beige, caramel, sandy, cream, and even earthy tones exploded across the collections. And Blanco Early Spring makes no exception to this rule. In fact, this collection is mostly filled with nude. Besides, there is a special nude with lace combination that looks out-of-this-world.

Nude is so feminine and sensuous if you know how to choose the best shade for your skin complexion. There is an entire palette of nude shades that can look great on everyone as long as your choice doesn’t match perfectly to the natural color of your skin. Moreover, you also have to consider the fabric and your body shape, making sure the outfit is not too tight. In the Blanco Early Spring collection there are gorgeous nude breezy blouses and loose flattering pants.

Indeed, flesh-tone hues and pale, earthy neutrals are so desirable for the warm season exuding femininity and elegance, while creating a simple, lean silhouette. No more useless adornments, just an almost flawless simplicity through soft nudes and pretty, delicate lace. The Blanco Early Spring collection also comes with one of the trends that best boosts self-confidence: floral prints. Seen on shirts or ruffled dresses, the famous floral print is playful and girly, yet feminine and romantic. Besides, now you are allowed to pair different types of prints for a psychedelic, extravagant overall appearance.

Photos courtesy of Blanco