Minimalistic touches, bold colors, tribal prints and even exotic skin details are just some of the trends that the Barbara Bui brand is bringing to our attention in its spring 2012 collection presented during the Paris Fashion Week. With intuitive combos and a balanced approach when it comes to creating focal points without going over the top, the collection offers plenty of interesting style options that don’t necessarily revolve around one or two key concepts that are differently represented throughout the collection.

With lots of alluring and versatile pieces, the brand maintains a perfect equilibrium between masculine touches and feminine pieces with the help of fabrics like nylon, interesting embroidery, occasional asymmetric vibes and a fairly modern approach in terms of design. The colors recommended by the brand are not overly diversified, however the options are quite interesting: bright orange, lemon yellow, gold tones, intense blue or green along with classy black and white ensembles capture a lot of interest.

If the ensembles are more or less bold color-wise, accessories are meant to become additional focal points. From simple bold colored handbags to mesmerizing shoe styles, the styles incorporate some of the elements found in the clothes designs and other subtle details such as snakeskin prints. Sexy platforms will most likely continue to be a hot shoe style in the next season, considering the multitude of brands that have endorsed it in their collections.

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