Banana Republic is well known for its strong inclination for classy yet creative elegant pieces and the spring 2012 collection is no exception to this rule. After the uber successful and much anticipated Mad Men collection, it’s the turn of the fabulous era of the ’50s to be on the spotlight.

Gorgeous silhouettes, well defined proportions and a myriad of lust-worthy pieces immediately attract attention. The clearly distinguishable retro vibe is well reflected by pieces such as mid length pleated skirts, high waist skirts, versatile maxi dresses or tight fitting monochrome ones.

A myriad of fresh and intriguing fashion trends are highlighted throughout the collection. Pepulm effects, visible in a lot of runway collections presented during the Fashion Week 2012, a blend of geometric and abstract prints and a strong emphasis on the waist through eye-catching belts are just a few simple yet highly relevant examples.

Just like the outfits themselves, the color palette stays mostly in a conservative range featuring tones like black, white, gray, yellow tones along with orange, pink or purple touches being the main choices for the next season. Floral prints maintain their popularity being expressed in a variety of forms among different retailers. Banana Republic endorses bold, vivid explicit representations of the well known summery theme.

If you are looking for a balanced approach when it comes to accessorizing, the looks presented in the latest collection are an ideal source of inspiration. With a strong focus on creating a series of well defined points of interest and keeping things functional, the looks become refined and sophisticated with relatively little effort.

Photo courtesy of Banana Republic