‘Mad Men’ fans and lovers of the 60s fashion style have every reason to rejoice now that a new partnership between Banana Republic and the famous ‘Mad Men’ franchise is on the verge of being launched. The new limited edition collection is set to debut on August 11 and will include no less than 65 pieces for both men and women. The mastermind behind this comprehensive collection is Janie Briant.

Banana Republic Creative Director, Simon Kneen, mentioned that: “Janie was instrumental in helping us achieve the series aesthetic and standard of authenticity with this capsule collection. Working with Janie [Bryant, Mad Men’s costume designer] to gain a true understanding of the Mad Men look and feel was a delight”.

The Gap owned brand really takes fashion to elegant approach of the movie and takes it one step further in order to ensure versatility and glamour with just a few simple touches. High quality fabrics, clean cuts, a clear attention to details and smart accessory choices are perhaps the characteristics that can best describe the looks presented. If menswear is focused around fine suits, in terms of women fashion feminine dresses, printed jackets, cardigans and pleated skirts are just some of the pieces that attract the most attention.

Free of needless excesses and excessive opulence, the collection is built around a series of delightfully simple style rules such as layering, creating adequate proportions and accessorizing just enough to create a series of visual focal points. Above the knee dresses and skirts tend to dominate the collection when it comes to women fashion. Animal print lovers will also get the chance to complete their wardrobe with a series of accessories that can take dull outfit and turn it into a sophisticated one in a couple of minutes.

To get a realistic 60s throwback, some elements were abundantly used: the classic high heel pumps, chunky layered pearl necklaces that give an instant luxurious allure, scarfs, printed handbags and even leather gloves for a daring style statement. Just a handful of accessories can be creatively used to obtain a variety of looks as the brand cleverly demonstrates. With such a variety of interesting looks that can be easily created, the beginning of fall promises to be infused with style and sophistication.

While we won’t have to wait that long for the collection to be launched, selecting some of your favorite pieces early on is more than recommended as their availability will most likely be very limited. Prepare to face the fall season with style and refinement with the latest alluring styles inspired by the famous movie series.

Photo courtesy of Banana Republic