The new season brings into our attention numerous eye catching elements that are packed with style and femininity, so no wonder that the resort collection featured in the fashion capitals of the world have managed to spark a massive wave of excitement. While some designers chose to expose their moment of glory in grand catwalk presentations, most designers chose a more subtle approach with models and a few guests present at a photoshoot, and one of the brands that took the second alternative to showing off their creations is Balmain.

The high-end fashion label, now running under the coordination of Creative Director Olivier Rousteing, seems to have brought variety to the fashion scene this season through the use of both oversized and minimalistic elements that exude edginess and femininity at the same time. The designer has apparently drawn inspiration from multicultural scenes, going for a mix of All American and Cuban elements that resulted in a stunning display of perfectly detailed silhouettes that still maintain the label’s trademark characteristics: sexy yet edgy.

When it comes to proportions, the designer chose to work with extremes as well as a connection in between the two, thus bringing to the fashion scene mixed designs that suit women with different goals when it comes to their look. One of the well underlined path the designer chose is oversized, 80s inspired suits paired with tucked-in stylish shirts that display either a monochrome color or a graphic print that screams attention. Baggy pants paired with feminine blouses deliver a fierce, retro yet uber-feminine look that is perfect for women that want to make a statement without flashing too much skin.

For the ladies that are searching for in between styles, sexy yet chic, tight yet not too revealing, the designer chose stylish jumpsuits and cool skinny fit trousers and shorts matched optionally with an elongated matching blazer and/or a stylish shirt. Classy yet modern and with a little bit of a twist given by the fabrics used in the creation process or the print chosen for visual impact, the designs are definitely head-turners and a perfect choice for daywear.

However, if elongated blazers underlined the retro side of the collection, the dresses and playsuits featured in the brand’s resort collection lean towards minimalism and offer a more evening appropriate approach to looking fabulous. Straight, well sculpted shoulders, shorts, form fitting, classic straight or flaring shape dresses took over the fashion scene at Balmain and the result was simply jaw-dropping. The brand underlined its deluxe appeal through sophisticated prints, high quality fabrics and various textures, so browse through the stylish collection and pick your new season favorites!

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