After a variety of ultra colorful outfits with a strong feminine vibe presented at the Milan Fashion Week, we are glad to see an equally stylish approach with a more balanced tone at the Paris Fashion Week. With a focused approach towards versatility and utility, the latest Balenciaga spring 2012 collection presented at the Paris Fashion Week impresses with structure and a careful sense of proportions.

Bringing back the boxy blazer and eclectic colorful prints, the designer has chosen elegant ensembles that are easy to recreate in real life. In fact, this is exactly the vibe that was received by certain journalists right after the show. And, while perfectly fitting is not exactly the concept the designer went for, the statement “I don’t know if oversize is the right term for that type of construction” definitely supports the concept of ‘space between the body and clothes’ that seems to be a rather unique style alternative emphasized by the brand.

It is immediately visible that despite the preoccupation for avoiding designs that are overly fit, the brand places a high emphasis on creating fabulously well defined proportions and making the waistline the main focal point is one of the best ways to achieve this style goal. High shine accents are also incorporated in the collection without going for ultra elegant looks, being an interesting style challenge for those who look for a touch of edginess when creating an outfit.

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