Alexander Wang will be the designer behind the upcoming Balenciaga show featured at the Fall 2013 Paris Fashion Week.Find out more details about the brand, next!

Balenciaga at Paris Fashion Week is to be unveiled but is already causing a stir as this will be the first collection created under the brand's new creative director, Alexander Wang. Although Balenciaga announced it was parting ways with Nicholas Ghesquière in November 2012 and took designer Alexander Wang on board their team, Balenciaga's pre-fall 2013 collection displayed the work of the fashion label's design studio.

Stepping in the shoes of Nicholas Ghesquière and above all, raising to the standards imposed by Balenciaga's founder, Cristobal Balenciaga who was titled 'the master of us all' by Christian Dior, is no easy task, but we're holding our fingers crossed for the 29 year old designer, who's not a newbie in the fashion world, hoping he will make jaws drop with his interpretation of the label's trademarks.

Balenciaga at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 Balenciaga at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013

The luxury fashion house established the bubble skirt and bold, ultra-modern elements as its trademark and these precise details made the brand catapult to international recognition. So far, designer Nicholas Ghesquière managed to master Balenciaga's artistic approach to fashion and that mastery can be easily observed by browsing through past collections signed by the designer for Balenciaga.

An example of the fierce and feminine take on fashion is made visible in the Balenciaga spring 2013 and the Balenciaga spring 2012 collections, which didn't feature a high number of garments, but each and every design was complex, chic, refined and unique at the same time. The intricate details and the modern interpretation of classics make each fashion show a delice to observe, so no wonder big names will be present at the upcoming fashion show!

Now, Balenciaga's last collection created sort of in-between head designers, wasn't all that popular with fashion critics, some labeling the collection a bit too retro, so it's on Alexander Wang to bring the Balenciaga label to the highest peaks when it comes to style appreciation. If you're anxious to see which path to style will Wang take with Balenciaga at Paris Fashion Week be sure to check back to read the updates on the collection that will open its curtains to the audience in Paris on Thursday, February 28 from 9:15.

Balenciaga at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 Balenciaga at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013

Photo courtesy of Balenciaga