The Atelier Versace spring/summer 2011 collection is amazing, being considered as a worthy example in matters of evening gowns. There is no doubt, since all the dresses are utterly elegant, with a dreamlike vibe, exuding maximum femininity and sensuality. Dreamy short or very long dresses made in silk tulle, chiffon, organza, satin, silk crepe, and spectacular embellishments and embroideries flawlessly dress up statuesque silhouettes.

Breezy, flowing bustier bawl gowns made in indigo and ‘lacquered red’ silk are beautifully adorned with bejeweled crest and incredible sequins. Besides, a fairytale-inspired, sumptuous bustier dress in silk organza with a special degrading technique going from nude to antic rose has an impressive visual effect.

The brilliant touch of the Atelier Versace spring/summer 2011 collection is completed by mini dresses that look as elegant as the long ones. Well, who wouldn’t fall for a long-sleeved dress in ‘peacock green’ chiffon with embroidered bejeweled stripes? Moreover, as a self-confident booster, there is a mini-dress with long sleeves and ‘jungle’ prints embroidered with silk and metal threads.

Femininity is one trend that will never go out of style. Versace always manages to transform a glamorous look into something more feminine through elegant, graceful cuts and soft fabrics. Inspired by fairytale princesses, the dresses in the Atelier Versace collection for spring/summer 2011 seem to perfectly combine femininity and tenderness. All the sweet, adorable colors used, the cute details, asymmetrical flounces, lace and embroideries are mixed with sexy elements such as transparencies, very low-cuts in front and at the back, and nude shades which are highly sensual.

Not just the refined fabrics and the colors chosen draw the attention, but all those fabulous details and rich embroideries on the dresses give the oh-so-glamorous and flamboyant touch. Embroidery of jais, crystals, threads, fishnets, chantilly lace, and sequins are essential parts that create the charming effect of a dress.

As we have seen, the silhouettes of the Atelier Versace collection for the upcoming season are elegant, feminine and sophisticated. Besides the bustier dresses, which are really popular, two straps and one-shoulder gowns are so luxurious. No wonder celebrities have a crush on these lavish, very distinctive creations, choosing them for important red-carpet events.

Photos courtesy of Versace