It was an emotion filled show for Donatella Versace who went back to the Ritz Hotel in Paris, the home of her brother Gianni Versace for eight years: “It was very emotional. I had to get up my courage to come back,” Donatella confirmed. The front row was packed with a variety of A-list celebs such as Christina Hendricks, Fan Bingbing, Pierce Brosnan, Lea Michele, Matthew Morrison anticipating an unforgettable set of outfits. The sentiment was confirmed by Christina Hendricks, who had the privilege to watch the designer’s work up close for the first time: “It’s my first Atelier Versace show, and to be here in the Ritz is very special.”

The show definitely exuded the feeling of seductiveness that is highly recognizable for the brand. The grand variety of feminine flirty dresses in lightweight fabrics, the subtle yet powerful contrasts along with the unmistakable feelings of confidence and sophistication transform the looks into real eye-catchers. There’s no shortage of body conscious dresses worth craving. The beloved scarf prints along with the Medusa emblems are well represented into a series of delightful combos.

A preference for pastels is usually an indication for subdued, inconspicuous and fairly safe style options. Not for Versace, which brings a lot of statement potential to the classy options providing an ultra covetable modern allure which amplifies the overall appeal tremendously. Studs, tiny crystals, cinch belts or the extreme high split along with the intricate patterns have a way of combining perfectly without leaving room for remarks. While perfection would be an understatement, the looks come pretty close to the standard.

The best recipe for turning heads instantly is to never go for needlessly discreet options that don’t make you feel like a goddess. Whether you go for high splits, strapless styles, gorgeous prints or carefully placed sheer touches or strong textural contrasts, there’s definitely something to please you and help you stand out in the newest collection by the brand. Limiting yourself to just one favorite look is certainly proving extremely difficult with all the fab ensembles shown for the upcoming months.

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