Turn your attention away from the dark, mysterious appeal of the fall fashion season towards luminous, feel-good collections that dominate the spring 2013 season. One of the brands that demonstrated the energy & style boosting power of new season fashion is ASOS and its spring 2013 lookbook will most surely get you thinking it’s time to get rid of the old and make room for the new as from the ingenue to the sophisticated, all ladylike honeys, ASOS has the perfect ensembles to accentuate your style.

Fashion designers have always underlined the word fun in fashion and finally this word becomes obvious in ASOS’s lookbook as apart from the wonderful bright color palette used, the chic designs display stylish vintage inspired lines with a modern twist, style that is oh-so-popular at the moment and which has a certain freshness that doesn’t go by unobserved.

We’ve gotten used to statement designs from ASOS and apparently this season the brand decided to juxtapose bold elements with soft and subtle lines to achieve a perfectly balanced collection that women can relate to. Putting together a chic and unique looking outfit is so much easier when you have the right props to work with and ASOS’s spring 2013 lookbook demonstrates that with the right fashion designs you can effortlessly put together a show stopping look and apparently dresses, flirty skirts, cool denim pieces and stylish tops all accessorized properly are the must haves that fashionistas should stock up on.

The symbol of femininity in fashion, the dress, is celebrated at ASOS by being the predominant creation featured in the entire lookbook. Dresses are amazing and the easiest way to a stunning, eye catching look, and thankfully the brand has focused on bringing variety with its dresses as from stylish form fitting mini dresses to A-line designs to cool maxi dresses, there’s a design that works in your advantage. The comfort loving honeys can opt for totally addictive denim designs and classic cut trousers that have a certain retro vibe that makes jaws drop, so have a good look at the entire collection and select the items that deserve a front-row seat in your wardrobe as all the designs brought by ASOS will tempt you to revamp your style.

Once you’ve chosen your fab flirty new garments you need to focus on accessories and ASOS made sure you can choose from stylish shoes, bags and sunnies, accessories that are the ultimate fashion statement pieces, so accessorize to the max and personalize your outfit to make sure you reach that high level of style that you’ve always dreamed of reaching!

Photos courtesy of ASOS