With spring around the corner, we are already looking at our favorite fashion providers for exciting options to enrich our style and make us look spectacular all over again by keeping us on top of the latest trends. ASOS is one of the retailers that is quick in answering our style quests and has prepared an eclectic ‘Mex Tex’ influence for a touch of originality. Funky prints, loose silhouettes and occasional retro elements make the lookbook instantly recognizable.

With a blend of casual and more elegant yet super trendy pieces, the brand manages to address several style needs in a creative manner and gives us plenty of interesting alternatives to consider for the hot summer days. Flirty and feminine choices revolve mainly around skirts and mid-length dresses are some of the best choices for more classiness orientated fashionistas. Monochrome outfits tend to fall in the same category although some of the style elements like the drop crotch are more statement orientated.

Structurally speaking, the style elements are quite well diversified. Asymmetric touches, sheer details or eclectic pieces like colorful ponchos manage to create a touch of drama and instantly stand out. With a multitude of print styles that range from dreamy palm trees, florals and tie dye to abstract motifs and geometric vibes, there’s not a moment of boredom in the latest ASOS lookbook.

From leggings to dresses, almost every piece manages to attract attention. However, a closer look at the accessory choices presented reveals a new reason for excitement. With faltform sneakers and sandals, masculine loafers, colorful handbags and backpacks, round lens sunglasses and sporty hats as alternatives for the new season, the possibilities to stand out seem more than exciting. Paired with the ultra versatile color palette available, creating trendy and subtly eclectic outfits becomes extremely simple and even intuitive.

Photo courtesy of ASOS