It’s amazing to see how fashion labels put on display some of their best ideas prior to the debut of the new season and it seems that this fall 2012 season, fashion designers were not short of ideas as versatility dominates the fashion scene, meaning women can experiment with different styles to look fabulous and fresh every time. One of the brands that underlined the need for various styles this upcoming season is ASOS and the new styles that are featured in the brand’s fall 2012 lookbook demonstrate the power of perfectly coordinated clothes. Clashing textures and colors make the delice of the season, so browse through the wonderful display of trendy garments and discover the styles that will represent you this fall.

It might seem a bit odd to start planning for the fall season hence the summer has only arrived, but putting together your looks starting as soon as the garments make their way to the fashion scene will enable you to have time to carefully think about every piece. Grabbing a hold of random fashion pieces without giving them a second thought might turn out to be not such a great idea as you’re more likely to end-up with pieces that don’t go together. Think and plan ahead and you’ll have time to analyze what style you think suits you and what pieces you can mix and match to offer you best advantages.

At the end of the day, fashion is a method of self expression, an art, which you can learn how to master if you dare a bit more, so step out and dare to mix various textures and colors to achieve unique styles that capture attention and that exude a fashionista-worthy look. ASOS’s fall 2012 lookbook showcases the hottest trends of the upcoming seasons and the methods you can turn towards to achieve a statement style. Chunky knits, bomber jackets, parkas, wool coats, jacquard fabric, classic chic dresses, masculine inspired shirts, leather shorts and stylish statement leggings and jewelry are all fashion pieces that you can consider stocking-up on.

Despite the fact most of them feature different textures and prints, the label recommends pushing the boundaries and mixing and matching various materials to achieve a chic yet comfortable look that is bound to steal the spotlight whether it’s day-wear or evening, more formal wear you’re talking about.

Pair a cool knitted sweater with a stylish maxi/midi skirt or a pair of floral leggings, even a pair of wool trousers, a stylish pair of leather shorts with a cool shirt, a highly embellished blouse with a cool parka, or simply go for an all denim attire as the brand suggests and you’ll look hot. Opt for statement accessories that complete your style such as printed or embellished clutches, drama earrings, bracelets, collars and chic shoes whether heels or boots. Mix and match trendy items to perfection and achieve a new look that has the power to make heads turn every time as this way you’ll feel like a true fashion diva!

Photos courtesy of Asos