With the strong focus on size 0 models, it can be quite easy to feel left aside if you tend to lean towards the curvy side. Fortunately, more and more retailers are taking note of this often justified complaint and have began offering more alternatives for women who don’t feel well represented by typical lookbooks. The ASOS Curve lookbook is one of the most recent examples in this area. The label strays away from the often unrealistic polished to perfection vibe and the exaggerated expressions and provides a down-to-earth set of alternatives to match the new season challenges.

The label displays plenty of gorgeous feminine alternatives to take you from day to night. With the help of a few versatile pieces and a few well chosen alternatives, you can easily change a look from plain to fab within seconds. Sporting the newest fashion trends without fearing of looking like a fashion victim is extremely easy if you adopt one of the fabulous alternatives presented. You can spice up a monochrome sweater by adding a girly yet edgy leather skirt or even by going for sequins and a statement necklace for a daytime look.

The casual alternatives offer plenty of alternatives and leave room for a lot of creativity depending on your comfort zone. Needless to say, accessorizing can make a world of difference. Still, if you’re transitioning towards more elegant options, you’re best served by sticking to the simple and beautiful or sticking with classic concepts that will enable you to highlight your best features hassle free. Sequins are once again a fabulous alternative worth adopting for a well deserved place in the spotlight.

Photo courtesy of ASOS