For the honeys that appreciate the power of comfort without ditching style, these past couple of seasons have been heavenly as fashion designers have given green light to wear masculine inspired pieces and boy, we do love this oh-so-fab trend. ‘Borrowed from the Boys’ seems to be the style ASOS encourages true fashionistas to go towards as the brand put together the most delightful comfort and style oozing collection for the fall 2012 season.

Underlining uniqueness and style has never been easier as the new masculine inspired fashion pieces created can be easily mixed and matched to perfection, so if you’re looking for a way to juxtapose comfort and style, going for a ‘borrowed from the boys’ look can be a perfect option to consider. Obviously a strong, full-of-attitude style requires a strong personality to go with it, as the way you feel in your own clothes will project a high dose of either positive or negative energy that everyone else will sense.

Androgynous styles suit most body types and when mixed together properly an androgynous style can become super hot. Loose silhouettes have conquered the fashion scene for a few seasons now as nothing compares to the high dose of comfort they manage to provide, so if you’re ready to upgrade your wardrobe and cause a stir this upcoming season with your fashion style, browse through ASOS’s ‘Borrowed from the Boys’ fashion collection and pick the slouchy items that you consider a perfect match for you.

The possibilities are endless as from stylish pencil skirts pared with masculine shirts to wide leg pinstripe trousers, tux trousers, fab boyfriend jeans, cool blazers, knitted pullovers, cool wool coats, all in monochrome, stylish ombre pattern or trendy plaids, the new ensembles signed ASOS aim to make a high visual impact. Rock your masculine inspired look as well as the boys do, so dare to push the boundaries and accessorize your outfit to look unique and dressed with taste. Celebs have long adopted this androgynous style, so draw inspiration from your favorite celebrity style and use ASOS’s latest creations to recreate the look that will make you feel like a true style icon.

Photos courtesy of ASOS