After a predominantly dark colored fall/winter fashion season, a vivaciously pigmented, graffiti printed fashion collection comes as a breath of fresh air, so if you’re ready to refine your style and experience the powerful attraction of flirty fabulous garments, check out the spring/summer 2012 collection signed ASOS Black by Lauren McCalmont as the label brings to the current fashion scene a gorgeous selection of summery-vibe dresses.

Dresses have become a requirement of the summer season as an array of ultra stylish designs have been displayed on the fashion podiums, but if you’re looking for stylish dresses that not only feel comfortable but deliver a powerful visual impact, ASOS Black by Lauren McCalmont’s SS 2012 collection is definitely worth all of your attention.

Lauren McCalmont is known for her passion for printed textiles, especially graffiti prints, and the textile designer chose a bold display of her fav elements and the result is irrefutably fabulous. Overlapping feminine, sculptural lines with innovative graffiti prints, high quality fabrics and statement accessories, the designs, which were revamped from vintage trends, manage to reach a contemporary chicness that will be quite difficult to resist. The gorgeous manner in which deluxe meets casual, through the use of silk and mesh in the same collection, demonstrates the brand’s premium craftsmanship, so if you’re looking for innovative yet chic and feminine fashion items, this collection is a perfect place to start your style-over.

The dresses’ sculptural shapes were enhanced through the use of color and drama prints as Lauren revealed that ‘my signature is multi-layered prints, mixing graphic shapes with handwritten and painted elements. The main focus for the collection was to make each dress individual, hand-printed and multi-layered. The references were ’70s graphic design and graffiti. From floral to eye catching brights to sizzling metallics, the collection features all the season’s must have trends, so dare to go bolder with your style by drawing inspiration from this oh-so-fabulous fashion collection signed ASOS Black by Lauren McCalmont.

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