The spring 2013 fashion scene was dominated by clean patterns, plenty of late 60s – early 70s inspired garments that ranged from adorable dresses to the must have pant-blazer ensembles, featured by some of the most renowned fashion brands in the industry and it seems that Ashish Gupta wanted to capture the essence of these trendy styles, but giving his designs featured in the spring 2013 collection a totally unique spin through the use of athletic-glam elements.

The new approach to style for the spring 2013 season captivated the audience’s attention at first through the interesting, messy styling of the fashion pieces and then through the fab skin revealing cuts and heavy dose of glittery applications. Ashish’s designer, Ashish Gupta is known for his love for sequins and this new collection was not short on the glitzy-glam details as they were everywhere from the stylish baggy denims to the pretty midi dresses that ended the collection.

Honestly, not too many people could have pulled off this type of style, but it seems that Ashish managed to do so flawlessly as the designs seem quite wearable and perfect for the ladies that to combine sport, casual elements with glamor and edginess.

The collection made its debut with a message imprinted on the model’s fab pullover. ‘I’m Serious’ seems to be the message that Ashish wanted to transmit to the audience and serious he was as he showed off the brand’s paillettes application skills. The designs have a certain playfulness attached as the athletic garments seemed to be put together in a sloppy manner. The ‘just woke up’ kind of style however was quite intriguing and hot, especially since the models revealed an array of gorgeous designs that screamed 80s. The denim baggy jeans paired with stylish denim jackets, open-back hoodies, stylish messy shirts and tees looked amazing and unique not only through the oversized shape but through the half-and-half coloration that most of the designs displayed.

Apparently, midi as well as mini dresses and stylish maxi skirts couldn’t have missed from this collection as they are seasonal must haves, and to give a totally new spin to the popular designs, Ashish opted for all sequined fabrics. Chic yet laid-back, the designs looked amazing, fun and flirty, yet totally comfortable, so dare to be open to the new and draw inspiration from Ashish’s new laid-back glam collection!

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