Giorgio Armani’s youthful and more affordable line has prepared exciting style alternatives for the new season tackling effortless chicness and simple combos which seem to have an increasing appeal these months. The latest lookbook focuses only slightly on the important new season trends like bold hues. The chief emphasis is on finding versatile and comfy options that can make one feel at ease on every occassion. From simple blouses to tight fitting jeans, the focus is on wearable pieces which will enable you to stay stylish all season long.

Work appropriate options blend with casual chic everyday attire and a multitude of versatile pieces make the looks worth exploring and replicating. Though the lookbook doesn’t rely on the mainstream print trends to create interest, the lookbook encourages the use of stripes as a quick way to create a focal point withiut diminishing versatility. Sweaters are a fabulous staple for colder transitional days and can be seen as a simple yet cool piece that can replace the regalar tee and jeans combo for a more stylish effect.

With slouchy blazers, nude pumps and leather jackets as a base, one can afford to be a little more adventurous at times and select pieces like tight leather pants which can instantly break any style rut. Naturally, when classiness and simplicity are the main style directions endorsed, accessories become extremely important. The label endorses fab sunglasses, classy bags, discreet jewelry or scarfs as the right elements to create a dazzling look.

Photo courtesy of Armani Exchange