In the fight against style uniformity, it can be hard to find truly unique touches that will help you strand out. Nonetheless, fashion brands are constantly raising the bar in terms of style standards for the upcoming year. The April, May spring/summer 2012 collection is a prime illustration of the creative attempt to avoid style stereotypes and bring together different elements for a fabulous look.

The French label is exploring Western motifs in its latest collection and uses a modern approach to balance and blend them in wearable, trendy outfits. The result? A myriad of mesmerizing voguish outfits with a distinct vibe. Layering, careful accessorizing, eclectic touches and an emphasis on practicality, all contribute to the irresistible allure of the lookbook.

Denim, stripes, leather, cowboy boots are some of the most notable staples of the collection. Flared pants, shorts, leather skirts or silhouette sculpting belts are other style highlights worth mentioning. Tie dye prints are given a stylish interpretation throughout the lookbook being kept in a similar color palette to avoid an overwhelming contrast.

Well structured blazers, loose fitting vests and leather jackets are among the most versatile outfit enhancers and the French label takes full advantage of these pieces to give a complex style statement without needing an additional focal point. Despite the emphasis on casual chic pieces, the collection also has a few glam highlights like sequins or black and gold dresses.

The accessory palette is also quite impressive and focuses on pieces that are not necessarily attention grabbing in and of themselves but which, in the right combos, have a significant impact on the outfit of choice: necklaces, scarfs or cowboy hats or practical yet eclectic handbags are some of the choices that fit gorgeously in this category. Go for versatility and style complexity with a whimsical vibe with some of these creative alternatives.

Photo courtesy of April, May