Revamping our casual style can be quite a challenge since despite its apparent simplicity, looking great while still keeping things simple is a constant requirement. The April, May fall 2012 lookbook is filled with fabulous options worth taking a closer look as it features both versatile items and trendier touches for a balanced and interesting autumnal look. From simple to daring, the new options will definitely help you tackle a mesmerizing French vibe.

This season, you shouldn’t be afraid to add a little sheen to your wardrobe. Though a bold move, such a statement piece can make creating a strong impression a lot simpler. Baroque influences have brought metallic gold tones back into the spotlight and there are plenty of thought provoking variations to choose from as a result. Still, if you’re into more toned down options, there is a variety of fabulous pieces like striped sweaters, abstract printed blouses or chunky boots.

Playing with proportions and placing well thought color contrasts are among the simplest ways of creating the impression of a well put together outfit, however, adding the right accessories is the key to getting a similar edgy look. Vests, comfy leather boots, winter hats or simple belts can be some of the best choices for adding the flare you crave. Make the most of the new season with these fun and simple options.

Photo courtesy of April, May